In today's world, we become successful, but the person who is needed in our life is not there in our life. You are traveling by bus, subway, and airplane, at that time if you also feel that you also need a companion. You are also looking for a true companion. You are good, smart, and have a good job, yet there is no partner with you who can love you. who can take care of you?

Love is a feeling that gives us happiness from the inside. It is a way of expressing kindness, good feeling, and affection towards someone. Love is such a strong attraction that it can happen to anyone. Seeing whom it seems that this is the partner we were looking for. When we are in love then the feelings of love are special.

We can never see the one whom we truly love sad, that person is always in our memories even after being far away. True love is a spiritual devotion in which a person is always happy in the will of the other. There is so much power in true love that even the worst person can be easily reformed. But here comes one more thing. It is not that if you truly love someone, then that person should also love you equally. True love can also be one-sided. Even if the other person hates you, still having love for him in your heart is true love.

If you also love someone and you are not getting that, then there can be many reasons for that. If you have tried everything possible and still you are not getting your love, then here we will tell you the reasons given in astrology, because of which you will get your desired true love because everyone is looking for true love. According to astrology, this can happen because of the bad house in the birth chart.

Five Reasons for not finding true love

  1. According to love astrology, the planet Venus has a deep connection with love. Venus is called the planet of love. Venus only takes love to its peak and the matter reaches to marriage. If the lord of the body and the lord of the life partner is in the sixth and eighth house in the birth chart, then there can be difficulties in getting love.

  2. For true love, it is necessary that the Dasha of the planet Venus should be strong in a person's horoscope. When Venus is set or aspected by Sin Planets, there can be obstacles in love. Along with this, there should be no aspect of malefic planets on the seventh house of the horoscope.

  3. According to love astrology, this can also happen due to bad houses in the birth chart. Yes, in astrology, the fifth house of the birth chart is considered to be the significator of love. Sometimes the fifth house of the horoscope gets afflicted by some other planet. In such a condition, a person cannot find true love. At the same time, he starts getting cheated in love. The seventh house of the horoscope is considered to be the factor of marriage. When there is a strong combination of the fifth and seventh house in the horoscope, then a love marriage takes place. Until the combination of the fifth and seventh house is formed in the horoscope, the loving couple remains confused about their marriage.

  4. According to astrology, you may face difficulties in finding your true love even if you have Kalsarpa dosha in your birth chart.

  5. According to astrology, due to Mangal Dosha in the horoscope, there can be obstacles in your relationship.

Ways to bring happiness in love life

  • To get true love, it is very important to strengthen the Venus in the horoscope. Along with this, measures must be taken to strengthen its owner in the fifth house in the horoscope. Along with this, peace on the planet must be done by the seventh house and the seventh lord.

  • Mars is the planet that provides energy. Energy is required to do any work in the life of a person. When you like someone, it is important for you to open your heart to him. Mars gives you the courage to do so. Otherwise, you may think that without expressing or confessing love, there is no importance of love in life. That's why Mars also has a big contribution.

  • If there is Venus, Mars, and Rahu in the sixth house in the horoscope, then there are more chances of the breakup of the person. Also, if there is a planet in the eighth house, it causes some major trouble in the relationship. This can lead to breakup, selfishness, misunderstanding, and hindrance in communication. Apart from this, when there is Ketu in the fifth house, there is less possibility of breaking the love relationship, so measures should be taken with the help of an astrologer.

  • Lord Krishna is considered to be the God of love, that's why to get true love one should offer Paan along with a flute in the temple of Lord Shri Krishna. This should be done until the lover accepts your love. Along with this, one should meditate on the picture of Radha ji with Lord Shri Krishna and chant the mantra "Om Hum Hree Sah Krishnaya Namah" repeatedly. After chanting this mantra, honey, etc. should be sprinkled on Lord Shri Krishna. You will definitely benefit from this remedy.

  • Worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi for three months. Start this puja from Thursday in Shukla Paksha. After worship, chant three rounds of the 'Om Lakshmi Narayan Namah' mantra. Along with this, offer prasad in the temple every Thursday for these three months. By doing this you will definitely get your true love.


Facing constant problems in your love life? Can't find a suitable husband-wife or life partner? Talk to an astrologer for specific remedies for problems related to your love life based on an accurate analysis of your birth chart.